Change Your Perspective

Like Ticket2Utopia's altered-perspective images of Namibia's remarkable landscapes, change your perspective and see your relationship with the environment differently... towards a utopian vision of our planet.

We Can Do Better

Let's face it. We can (and must) do better for our planet and its people.

But what will it take to make this happen?

Adopting a different perspective has profound potential to reveal unlimited opportunities for people and nature to thrive. Although embracing change of any kind can be daunting at first, it can also be exciting, particularly when we see how it can impact peoples' lives and create better destinations.

We Must Do Better!

The journey towards a better future requires a simple, yet fundamental shift: to change the way we see and engage with the world around us.

It's Too Late to Be a Pessimist

Let's focus on all the good things that are happening around us.

Start your journey
towards a better future...

Be Courageous and Follow...

It takes courage to change. But there are inspiring leaders out there - some well known, others not - who have already chosen to see things differently and realised the potential of acting in a way that puts them on a path towards a more utopian reality.

Follow their leadership...

Utopia Trailblazers

These inspiring pioneers implement responsible and more sustainable practices in their businesses and communities. They are quietly getting on with what needs to be done as they inch towards the creation of more utopian societies.

Meet the Trailblazers.

Opportunities to Thrive

Around the world, pockets of increasing awareness mount regarding the pressures placed on our environment, on social cohesion, and on the ability of all peoples everywhere to meet their basic needs.  Far from insignificant, these pockets have cultivated seeds of innovation, leadership and change through those who champion the myriad possibilities for a better future.  

Beyond these pockets, however, lingers a veil of resistance - perhaps anchored in a fear of what these changes might mean or maybe in disbelief that another path is even possible. Ticket2Utopia seeks to uproot this stagnant perception and invites people to see their relationship with their natural surroundings differently - from an altered perspective that reveals unlimited opportunities for people and nature to thrive.

In order to inspire people to adopt a new vision for the future, Ticket2Utopia leverages the visual power of altered-perspective, surreal images of Namibia's remarkable landscapes and combines them with success stories from people in the destination who are already living this sustainable reality, or Utopia Trailblazers, as we like to call them.





It Is Your Choice...

In this changing climate, the choices we make are of greater consequence than ever before. You can either live thoughtlessly, depleting natural resources and ignoring the disconnect between land and people. Or... you can accept that there is another choice: you can thrive in harmony with nature and communities‚ and grow towards a utopian vision of Mother Earth.


Horse Vision

Ticket2Utopia's surreal images of Namibia's natural landscapes were initially inspired by the wild horses living in the Namib Desert. Paul Godard, the Ticket2Utopia photographer, had spent a lot of time with these majestic creatures and started to appreciate their perception of their awe-inspiring environment.

Although animals such as the wild horses can see up to 320º around them, scientific opinion is inconclusive as to exactly how this perspective is processed in their brains. Paul was inspired to try and imagine how he could share this unique visual perspective with the world...

At the same time, while exploring arid lands from the Karoo to the Namib Desert, he had been exposed to the efforts of so many people and organisations that were pioneering and implementing more responsible and sustainable practices in their businesses and communities. They too were seeing their surroundings differently... a change of perspective that resulted in the conservation of natural resources, in the empowerment of local people, in a better tomorrow.

These inspiring stories were harmonious with Paul's creative interpretation of the horse's vision, which resulted in powerful, ethereal images of Namibia's vastness and beauty. Images that provide the perfect canvas for sharing the stories of the leaders among us who have a vision for a better future.

320º Perspective

Ticket2Utopia Team: Dr Paul Godard & Lisa Scriven

Travelling Exhibition

The surreal photographs seen here will be launched at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in April-May 2017, accompanied by the Trailblazer stories.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved.

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