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Ticket2Utopia - Change Your Perspective

The journey towards a better future requires a simple, yet fundamental shift: to change the way we see and engage with the world around us. Like Ticket2Utopia's altered-perspective images of Namibia’s remarkable landscapes, this initiative invites you to change your perspective and see your relationship with the environment differently.

The Ticket2Utopia project is currently in its pilot phase, gathering stories from the field and exploring the most effective ways to share them with travelers and other businesses alike.

Adopting a different perspective has profound potential to reveal unlimited opportunities for people and nature to thrive. Although embracing change of any kind can be daunting at first, it can also be exciting, particularly when we see how it can impact peoples' lives and create better destinations.

Meet the Trailblazers who have chosen to see things differently and realised the potential of acting in a way that puts them on a path towards a more utopian reality.  These inspiring pioneers implement responsible and more sustainable practices in their businesses and communities.

Around the world, pockets of increasing awareness mount regarding the pressures placed on our environment, on social cohesion, and on the ability of all peoples everywhere to meet their basic needs.  Far from insignificant, these pockets have cultivated seeds of innovation, leadership and change through those who champion the myriad possibilities for a better future.  They are quietly getting on with what needs to be done as they inch towards the creation of more utopian societies. 

Beyond these pockets, however, lingers a veil of resistance – perhaps anchored in a fear of what these changes might mean or maybe in disbelief that another path is even possible. Ticket2Utopia seeks to uproot this stagnant perception and invites people to see their relationship with their natural surroundings differently – from an altered perspective that reveals unlimited opportunities for people and nature to thrive.

In order to inspire people to adopt a new vision for the future, Ticket2Utopia leverages the visual power of altered-perspective, surreal images of Namibia’s remarkable landscapes and combines them with success stories from people in the destination who are already living this sustainable reality, or Utopia Trailblazers, as we like to call them.

Meet the inspiring pioneers who have chosen to see things differently. They have realised the potential of acting in a way that puts them on a path towards a more utopian reality by implementing responsible and sustainable practices in their tourism businesses.

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

Connecting Tourism, Conservation & Education

Okonjima Nature Reserve

Amazing big cat encounters to suit all budgets are found at Okonjima Nature Reserve - home of the AfriCat Foundation.

What makes this possible is a dedicated and passionate team who share the Okonjima story - a story where tourism, conservation and education work together.

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

From Husbandry to Hospitality

Düsternbrook Safari Guest Farm

A family farm for generations, Düsternbrook long ago shifted from cattle farming to tourism. They now collaborate with neighbouring farmers on tourism projects and have launched a multi-day hiking trail across their properties in the Windhoek Green Belt.

By diversifying their income generating opportunities, these farmers will be able to reduce their dependence on cattle farming, which will make them more resilient to seasons of ever-diminishing rainfall. They're adapting to climate change by working together towards a common goal.

Johann is one of the farmers involved; find out why he thinks it is a success...

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

Together We Are Strong

Grootberg Lodge - Khoadi-Hoas Conservancy - Journeys Namibia

Perched on its namesake Plateau, Grootberg Lodge in Damaraland's ≠Khoadi-//Hoas Conservancy has it all - endless views, special wildlife encounters, and hosts who call this project home and will treat you to local language tips, flavours, and anecdotes.

Behind the scenes, community owners suggest that the lodge's success is owed to good leadership, a trusted partnership with Journeys Namibia, and a strong management team.  This is their story...

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

Garden Oasis in the Desert?

Namib Desert Lodge - Gondwana Collection

A garden oasis in the middle of one of the world's oldest deserts seems unfathomable. That is, of course, until you learn how Namib Desert Lodge has achieved exactly that....

By re-using treated wastewater in their gardens before it returns to the natural underground water supply, Namib Desert Lodge is able to offer guests a lush outdoor space to relax in, as well as create additional habitat for local birdlife and various other local fauna.

Responsible tourism operations such as these are made possible by changing one's perspective about how to offer a wonderful guest experience while respecting the local environment and using scarce natural resources wisely.

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

Fresh to Your Plate from the Desert

Wolwedans - Namibrand Nature Reserve

How do you meet the quality expectations of a luxury restaurant when fresh produce is days away? You grow your own!

Wolwedans ensures that quality freshness in the Namib Desert is a reality by cultivating organic vegetables and herbs just minutes away from your dinner plate. Their composting activities are an essential component for their garden's success, and their team proudly shares all of these stories with guests on the back-of-house Wolwedans "Village Tour".

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

How to Grow a Chameleon Family

Chameleon Backpackers Hostel

A vibey, welcoming spot that caters to the full spectrum of modern backpackers from its ideal position in central Windhoek. 

The Chameleon Backpackers Hostel team strikes a great balance between encouraging guests to help them minimise their impact in this water scarce region, and at the same time managing to make everyone instantly feel like they're at home.

As with any family, the Chameleon team finds ways to work together and ensure that they are at their best - providing opportunities to learn and grow. Meet Rosa, a long-standing member of the Chameleon family, and find out about her Trailblazer journey...

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

Damaraland Camp, the first joint venture in Namibia between Wilderness Safaris and Torra Conservancy

Damaraland's Torra Conservancy, where the desert-adapted elephants roam in the Huab Riverbed and teamwork proves the value of long-term commitment and partnerships.

Jan 2017 | Utopia Africa | Paul Godard