Sustainability Benchmarking

How well does your business measure up against globally agreed principles of sustainable tourism and related development goals? If you expect it to achieve great things, we encourage you to get a fresh, objective perspective on how your operating environment is performing so you can "check your blind spots" and be at the leading edge of a thriving sector.


How do you measure up?

Compare your tourism operations with what is considered "best practice" in sustainable tourism.


Sustainability performance tools

Bespoke frameworks for performance management and monitoring - ideal for groups, destination managers, and marketing collectives.

Building Resilience

Business resilience requires a fervent exploration of every opportunity to operate at your best - in harmony with the natural environment, as an engaged member of the destination, and in a way that creates more appealing places to visit. In short, using tourism as a tool for good by doing tourism better.

While most businesses are already making efforts to reduce their impacts on the environment and reducing their consumption of natural resources, the more difficult - and more human - elements often receive less attention.

Think about how you engage as member of the destination to support social development; whether you seek out opportunities to maximise economic activity in the local area; and if you are really making your offering as rich and unique as possible by embracing local cultural in your operations. Exploring these opportunities will make your business a vibrant and vital part of a stronger, thriving destination, which is a winning result for everyone.

Having worked with over 150 businesses across the region to achieve their best, we can help you to unlock these opportunities, set your sights on what you want to achieve, and ensure that your systems are working optimally - and with your entire team's support - to help you reach your goals.


Preparing for tourism certification audits

Certification audits made hassle-free with our support to ensure you conform to requirements and that these can be substantiated.


Gone are the days of attracting bums in beds with a fact sheet and a sterile room photo. If you want to get the attention of the traveller of tomorrow, you need to capture their heart; you need to connect with them on a human level, on a level that gives them a peek into the soul of your business; and to paint a picture of how you craft a unique experience that travellers crave. You will need to pique their curiosity and draw them in... Tell them your stories and invite them to make you part of theirs.


Content creation

Whether you require technical content for reporting or stakeholder communications, or you are reaching out to connect with your travel market, we can craft your story.


Awards submissions

Sustainability award winners inspire: they show what is possible and how. Your business is an award winner in the making - let's blaze the trail together and inspire others to follow!


Social media platform management

A strong social media presence is quite simply the most important tool in the marketing box! We manage a range of platforms, including targeted campaigns and ongoing engagement.


While technology is making it easier for anyone and everyone to take countless snapshots, there are still some true photographic artists out there with a vision that inspires and an eye that transforms. Thankfully, we have one of them. Driven by a passion to encourage people to reconnect with nature and each other, we offer photography and videography services that will bring your story to life and have your online audience on tenterhooks until their dream of experiencing your story becomes one that they share in person.


Photography that connects

Essential quality images stir a desire to connect to the soul of a place through the beauty and diversity of its people; fascinating, unique culture; and iconic vistas.


Photography of progress

Technical photography to convey progress made in a range of industries striving for more sustainable operations.


Never forget that the people on your team are the greatest asset of your business and that with a clear, shared vision of your goals, the journey will be much easier and the achievements far greater. Whether you need to get everyone on board with the general basics of sustainability and why it is rewarding for all, or you are looking for more in-depth training on a specific aspect of sustainable tourism operations for your context, we can tailor something to suit your needs.


On site and online training

We offer online training sessions in order to overcome capacity building barriers created by Africa's vast distances, and can always come on site for follow-ups or to ensure that training speaks to your specific context.


Tools to support ongoing capacity building

Guidelines, manuals and other tools to ensure that that standards are maintained, and that your objectives are clear for new team members, or shared within a broader tourism context for more resilient destinations.