Utopia Africa

Utopia Africa is your sustainability solutions partner.

We believe travel and tourism can – and must – benefit local people, cultural heritage, and the natural environment in order to thrive.

By supporting tourism businesses to re-think their approach and to see this dynamic industry as an opportunity to achieve development and sustainability goals, we help them to play their part in creating flourishing local economies, healthier socio-cultural dynamics, and more resilient ecosystems.

We also provide marketing and communications support to share the story of their sustainability journey – stories of who they are, how they make a difference, and why they are committed to business that is better for everyone. 

Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective and see your relationship with the environment differently... towards an utopian vision of our planet.

It's Too Late to Be a Pessimist

Let's focus on all the good things that are happening around us.

Start your journey towards a better future...

Opportunities to Thrive...

Around the world, pockets of increasing awareness mount regarding the pressures placed on our environment, on social cohesion, and on the ability of all peoples everywhere to meet their basic needs.

We Can Do Better

Let's face it. We can (and must) do better for our planet and its people

We Must Do Better!

The journey towards a better future requires a simple, yet fundamental shift: to change the way we see and engage with the world around us.





It Is Your Choice...